The Boards Range

Having an occasion but don’t need the big table set up? We have you covered!

Introducing, The Boards Range.
These boards are created for those intimate moments amongst friends or finding the perfect gift! They are perfectly designed for
easy delivery to your doorstep, the workplace or to a loved one as a surprise.


The artisan board.

The Artisan Board is the perfect entertainer and boasts a level of class featuring three high quality cheeses, gourmet crackers, fresh produce, flavour-filled dip, pate or fruit paste, dried fruits and nuts. This board is designed to feed approximately eight to ten people as a light meal.

$150 including delivery around Bendigo.


The feature board.

A smaller board that is ideal for a date night in or a gift paired with a beautiful wine. This board focusses around one cheese and a range of accompaniments to bring out the flavour. Choose from either a hearty cheddar, creamy brie or a mighty blue.

This package includes a wooden board that is yours to keep, making it perfect for that special gift.

$100 including delivery around Bendigo.


the brunch board.

Coming soon. Stay tuned!


  • Free delivery is included for Bendigo only. A travel fee may apply for delivery outside this area.

  • For the Artisan Board and Brunch Board packages, all wooden boards and any loaned utensils must be washed and returned within three days. Failure to do so, or missing items, will incur a fee.